Shiny Grey

a design company


My name is Greg. Shiny Grey is my limited company and I work in the north west of England.

I am a programmer.

  • I build with modern JavaScript.
    • React, Redux, Vue.js, Angular and Gatsby.js amongst others.
    • Node.js
    • I combine my CAD background with web development using Three.js.
  • I use Amazon Web Services.
  • I can create advanced integrations with WordPress.
    • I use Gatsby.js alongside WordPress.
      This gives a site the flexibility of the WordPress block editor with the speed of a static site.
    • I also create bespoke themes and plugins.

...perhaps you have an older website that you don't have time to give attention. Maybe it needs a little cleaning and maintenance.
I can help.

I design

My background is engineering and I have experience using SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer / Creo Elements.

I can contract with clients with a need for computer aided design or help anyone who needs something created in 3D on computer.

How can I help?

Why choose Shiny Grey

Hiring me allows you to benefit from experience crossing several different professions and industries.

Most importantly I want Shiny Grey to be based upon my belief in providing people what they need and not to sell them anything they don't.